14th April 2021

The Rock Trading Review And Opinions

Brief History

TheRockTrading website TheRockTrading, let’s start immediately with saying, is a platform for the exchange and purchase of digital currency, is a serious company, formed by qualified people with over ten years of experience behind and, above all, is a 100% Italian company.

Yes, because The Rock Trading (www.therocktrading.com) is a very Italian company, established in 2007 in the virtual environment of “second life”, today considered one of the best financial institutions specializing in trading cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Peercoin, Zcash, Ripples).

Why Therocktrading

If our goal is to get closer to the world of crypto-currency and with these achieve a gain of short/medium term, then we need to rely on serious, competent platforms that offer a turnkey service to safely perform trading operations with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Peercoin, Zcash, Ripples).

Therocktrading boasts, as mentioned, 10 years of experience, over 34,000 active users on the platform and over 15,000 Bitcoins traded each year.

Impressive numbers, which contribute greatly to the growing success of Bitcoins and crypto-digital coins.

Registration to Therocktrading

To start buying/selling Bitcoin with the Therocktrading platform, you need to register first.

This consists of entering your name, your email address and a password.

A confirmation form will inform us of your registration, and from now on we are required to jealously keep your login credentials (Login and Password) with which we will deposit money into your newly created Deposit Account.

Once the registration procedure is completed (we reiterate immediately and non-binding), we immediately have at our disposal a series of tools to ensure that our money, those that we will deposit and those that we will earn through currency trading, are protected and guaranteed by high standards of computer security.


Depositing money into the “Account” is extremely simple and fast.

You can deposit funds either by traditional bank transfers (SEPA) or by means of eWallet deposits such as GreenAddress.

The transfer takes a maximum of 1-2 working days before it is credited to our “Trading Account”.

TrT Staff and Customer Service recommends that you wait at least 3 working days before contacting the support center.

eWallets are nothing less than an electronic wallet in which Bitcoin and other cryptomonete are stored.

GreenAdress is Therocktrading’s reference Wallet, which allows users to choose to store their Bitcoins and, in this case, to top up their “Trading Account”.

Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Once our “Trading Account” will see the money we have paid out, we can start trading.

Simply select the Market menu item, choose which type of currency to trade (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Peercoin, Zcash, Ripples), and select “BUY” or “SELL” depending on whether you want to sell or buy currency.

Always make sure that “Leverage” (x2, x3, x4, x5) is set according to our intentions.

When we sell Bitcoin, for example, we will notice that our account will immediately be made available in Euro or another currency of our choice.

Let’s not forget that if you have any doubts or questions, we can contact customer service, and the operators who will respond to us speak the same language as us.

Verified Users

The verification of the “Account” consists in sending to the platform a series of information (identity document, address, etc, etc) of the holder of the “Trading Account”, putting users in a condition of extreme security.

Users who decide to be credited as “Verified Users”, will enjoy a number of discounts and benefits, including the possibility to make withdrawals in Euro.

Euro and Bitcoin Withdrawals

While all platform users can withdraw their earnings at any time and have them credited to their “deposit account”,

only verified users enjoy the privilege of having their earnings converted and made withdrawable in Euros.

Users who don’t intend to do so (we strongly recommend to do so) can convert their earnings into one of the many cryptocurrency traded.

Verified users can also transfer funds to personal current accounts (bank accounts for example), and enjoy additional benefits.

In a structured system to reward the most active users, the more trading operations are carried out, the greater will be the commission discounts.

Withdrawals are available in Euros, Dollars, or any other cryptocurrency.

The crediting of the earned amounts is immediately verifiable on the account balance, while for withdrawal you must occur as a user and provide the correct bank details (see verified users).


Therocktrading is an Italian company, but very appreciated and known internationally.

The platform is aimed at a wide audience of multiple nationalities; for this reason the languages are both Italian and English.

The “Contacts” section includes 2 Mail addresses and two Chats.

The Chats are on Telegram, one in English for the international community, the other in Italian for Italian operators.

How To Buy Bitcoin And Trade With Therocktrading

No different from buying any other financial product at a common trading platform, with TrT we can choose to buy many crypto-coins, from Bitcoin to Litecoin, from Ether to Peercoin, from Zcash to Ripples.


We consider Therocktrading to be one of the most serious and established currency exchange companies, offering one of the most efficient and performing currency trading environments on the market.

Bitcoin, right now, is trying to “get rid of” the general consideration that wants it relegated to a role of niche currency and marginality, assuming, instead, a specific relevance recognizable in the trading volumes reached by the crypto-currency in general.

It is useless to hide it, the Bitcoin market and all the crypto-currencies in circulation represent, right now, one of the most advantageous opportunities to earn money.

The sector of the crypto-currency (so are called in English the Bitcoins, the Ethereum, the Litecoin, and the hundreds of other digital currencies existing on the Internet), considered all together, are worth over 200 billion Dollars.

All this, experts and fans of “virtual currency” swear, is only the beginning of a monetary and financial revolution (started in 2009 with Satoshi Nakamoto and the invention of Bitcoins) that will soon lead us to use “digital coins” in our everyday life.

Bitcoins are a revolutionary monetary instrument, with exceptional growth prospects, which can be used both as a payment method on a par with traditional systems, but also as a financial security with which to make profits.

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